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is to Help Others
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Our Mission

We Support Families Working Hard to Get Back on Track

Karma Connects’ mission is to inspire and empower people to build the resources needed to drive and contribute to the growth, health, and happiness in local communities.

See what we have done for countless families.

Phoenix, AZ

Support a Family in the Phoenix Area

San Bernardino, CA

Support a Family in the San Bernardino Area

El Paso, TX

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The Power to Effect Change

Our Volunteers Come from All Walks of Life and Put Their Individual Experience and Expertise to Work for the Greater Good

Karma Connects is a 501(3)c membership-based non-profit organization. The organization was established after identifying a genuine need to provide support for nominated families within in the community. We connect as many people as possible to help those in need, and we believe that with all hands on deck the connections we make can lead to a powerful accomplishment.

It’s Amazing What We Can Do When We Come Together

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A Membership is Easy, Affordable, and Meaningful. Make a Difference Today!

Making a true impact on the lives of others requires action. For just a few dollars a month, your Karma Connects membership will make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it the most. The more members we have, the more people we can assist. Become a member today. We need you!