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San Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA

This is Angie and Louie and some of their 11 children. Angie shared with us that years ago herself and Louie were not exactly making the best decisions until one day they were confronted with a very difficult consequence. At that moment they decided to overcome their personal challenges and made positive changes in their lives. Since then, they have worked very hard to maintain their household and provide for their family. Although Angie and Louie are doing the best they can, with 11 kids and occasionally some of their 8 grandchildren, they sometimes need a little help. Through the donations of our Karma Connects members we were able to provide them with groceries, household goods, and even some books and toys for the kids. Angie and Louie expressed their gratitude to the Karma Connects members that made this drop-off possible. At Karma Connects we strive to use your donations to enrich the lives of others and make a difference one family at a time. Thank you for being members and allowing us to help those in need.