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Phoenix – Do It for the Love

Phoenix, AZ, Support Animal

Macayla is a 4 year old little girl with severe developmental disabilities. She is diagnosed with Cohen’s syndrome which is a very rare genetic disorder. This syndrome leaves Macayla with limited mobility, vision impairments and communication impairments. Her main form of communication is through the use of an augmentative communication device. She is learning to stand and walk independently.

Macayla’s family has found her a mobility service dog that will assist Macayla with day to day tasks and will accompany her at school. Macayla is so deserving of this dog but service dogs are expensive! The family is committed to the dog’s training and are making sacrifices left and right to make this possible for their daughter.

Karma Connects heard her story and we knew we wanted to help. Karma Connects has committed to contributing monthly to reduce the payments so Macayla and Flo can be paired together!