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Phoenix, AZ

We are the Singletons, we have six children! Four of our kids have special needs. Wyatt our seven-year-old has autism, recently had his feeding tube removed, and no longer needs his wheelchair. Finley is our five-year-old he has autism, a feeding tube and uses a wheelchair. Jocelyn is 2, she has two birth defects. Tracheomalacia and pharyngeal cleft. Felicity is 16 weeks old and is visually impaired. Riley is nine and a straight A student, she is always ready to lend a hand! Fallyn is about to be four, and she is a little sassy! David works long full-time hours in a laboratory to support a family of eight and Rachel is a part-time student battling her own medical issues. But we make it work! We have just recently gotten back on our feet and have moved into a new home after a very challenging year with all the kiddo’s medical issues. Thank you Karma Connects for coming through with our much-needed wish list.  We appreciate your support.